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Sector 7 Imagery provides top end drone imagery services Australia wide.
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search & rescue services

Sector 7 Imagery offers a range of search and rescue services by using the latest in high tech drones currently used by a range of emergency services such as , firefighters or volunteer fire fighters and rescue teams. Our drone equipment is ideal for searching over vast hazadus areas for missing person or people in high risk dangerous enviroments and locations. We provide instant real time visual information and camera data in the event of a serious and hazadous situations

Our state of the art drones can help in a number with a number of solutions including when a situation is out of control and threatens lives and property and emergency services . Our drone equipment can give the information required and instant real-time images in order to make better decisions for safer situations and solutions. Planes and rescue helicopters require time to be ready for deployment and lots of resources where as our drone equipment can be ready very quickly to help resolve and assess and situation straight away.

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