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Sector 7 Imagery provides top end drone imagery services Australia wide.
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high risk inspection services.

Drones are becoming increasingly common for safety inspections and used in high risk situations

Here’s how our services and drone inspections of high-risk areas can protect your work force and workers.

We Minimize Dangers while Maximize Data

One of the biggest benefits of Sector 7 Imagery’s drone inspections is that we can allow you access to high-risk areas without risking your inspectors. From extremely tall structures to unsafe environments.  Sector 7 Imagery’s drone equipment, unlike a person, can handle being high up in the air and in places a normal person cannot reach.

We can keep your workers safely away from hostile environments while still providing a detailed safety inspection. It’s the best of both worlds and a win win situation.

Complete Accurate Mapping

Our drone equipment are more adaptable in high-risk environments, drone inspections allow you much greater freedom when it comes to data collection. You can collect more data in hostile areas, you can get far more accurate mapping capabilities.

Drones still need human expertise to guide them, but when equipped with the equipment and piloted by a professional, they provide access to data that might have otherwise would be impossible to reach.

Super Fast Deployment

Think about the process involved in getting a human inspector into a hostile or unsafe environment.

You have to get all of the appropriate safety equipment. You have to make sure that they have their inspection standards ready. It’s a ton of work, and even then it may not be enough to keep your staff completely safe.

Our drone equipment don’t need any of that slow preparation. They can go up quickly and easily, all with no risk to our equipment operators

That means you can save time, get on with the inspection, and avoid any added risk for your team.  

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