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drone specifications

Matrice 300 is the most advanced platform yet. New ease of use, with a slew of new safety features, new data capture features, data analysis features and more power, the M300 RTK sets a new standard. The M300 RTK was released with the Zenmuse H20 Series, a hybrid, multi-sensor camera – adding a completely new set of capabilities to the platform.

“DJI engineered this all-in-one, high-tech solution to expand possibilities and exploit areas of work never explored before, for precise aerial inspections and data collection missions,” says DJI’s product announcement.

“With the M300 RTK flying platform and the Zenmuse H20 camera series, we are providing a safer and smarter solution to our enterprise customers” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy at DJI. “This solution sets an entirely new standard for industrial UAV solutions, significantly enhancing operations across public safety, law enforcement, energy, surveying and mapping as well as critical infrastructure inspections.”

An Integrated User Interface for smooth interactions

To enable pilots to operate so many sensors at once, the accompanying DJI Pilot app interface had to be completely rethought. In just a few taps the new User Interface lets pilots quickly switch between cameras and simplifies the process of zooming in and out by letting pilots preview the zoom FOV on top of the wide angle or thermal camera footage.

Maximum Flexibility with Quick Capture Modes

Thanks to its multi-sensor integrated UI design, the Zenmuse H20 series allows users to smoothly switch between wide, zoom or thermal cameras. Furthermore, it includes features for maximum flexibility when used on time sensitive missions. High-Res Grid Photo captures in one snap detailed imagery of defined subjects with the help of a custom grid. The images can be stored for later detailed inspection.

One-Click Capture: Capture videos or photos of up to three cameras simultaneously without having to manually switch between camera views or repeat a mission.

Night Scene: Gain clearer visibility when lighting conditions are not optimal.

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