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Sector 7 Imagery provides top end drone imagery services Australia wide.
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Asset inspection

Sector 7 Imagery are professionally equipped to undertake all sorts of aerial inspection work with RGB cameras and Thermal Imaging cameras. With state of the art long focal length lenses we can provide detailed high resolution images and videos while operating our equipment from a safe distance far away from the job. Our Drones are super high-resolution so all the finest details no matter how small of any inspection are always captured and never missed.

We use the current DJI Matrice M300 RTK drone fitted with Zenmuse H20T cameras and other addons include the Zenmuse Z15 spotlight.

Our advanced, high-resolution visual equipment and latest cameras offer detailed imaging of any required infrastructure. We can also utalise thermal imaging with our equipment to detect overheating solar panels and electronic transformers and cables.

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