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Sector 7 Imagery provides top end drone imagery services Australia wide.
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We provide state of the art services for unmaned aerial visuals and video solutions for hard to reach areas and high risk operations. Our advanced drone equipment records in high definition has the capability to fly at night in stealth mode and has the capability to live link the operation to a command centre . We offer a range of aerial and visual services for the following.

law enforcement

With state of the art technology we have the capabilities to fly at night in a stealth mode with no lights, record everything in HD video and thermal while being able to live link the complete operation to a command centre. Our equipment can scan an area before officers enter that area and we can also offer lighting too for high risk situations.

high risk site inspections

¬†We offer solutions for Work safe, commercial roofing companies, heavy industry and maintenance companies. Our aerial equipment not only records in HD but we program our equipment to take multiple photos of a specific target (eg power line’s or boiler) We can then set our drones up to always record same data each inspection so the company can layer the images and see any discrepancies.

Solar panels & farms

We offer aerial solutions and services for solar panels, farms and wind farms. Our HHD imaging, and the thermal services can detect faults in the solar cells and also problems in wind farms as they generate additional heat. Our aerial solutions can minimize the risk of major damage down the track.

Our services

  • Asset inspections
  • Search & rescue
  • Photography
  • Surveying & mapping
  • Public order & security
  • High risk inspections
  • Thermal imagery

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